Friday, January 21, 2011

Pharmacy Stocks

Pharmacy stocks, as simply appeared by its name, refer the storage and supply of various drugs, medicines and other healthcare & pharmaceutical products that are manufactured by licensed and certified pharmaceutical companies all over the world. Pharmacy stocks consist of multiple groups of various drugs and medicines. In the world of pharmacy, pharmacy stock is not a new term and more pharmaceutical companies are getting involved in ruing industrial operations related with pharmacy stocks. The field of pharmacy, all over the world, is usually divided into four major categories which are pharmaceutics, medicinal chemistry and pharmacognosy as well as pharmacy practices. There are many kinds and types of general pharmacy practices such as community pharmacy, hospital pharmacy, clinical pharmacy, compounding pharmacy, consultant pharmacy, internet pharmacy, veterinary pharmacy, nuclear pharmacy, military pharmacy, and pharmacy informatics etc. All pharmaceutical and drug manufacturers utilize scientific ways and systems in order to maintain standard levels of pharmacy stocks. These broad categories are further divided into subcategories. For example, clinical pharmacy deals with many fields including prescribing drugs, administering drugs, reviewing drug use, documenting professional services, counseling, communication, consulting, and preventing medication errors whereas pharmacognosy is further divided into various fields such as medical ethnobotany, ethnopharmacology, phytotherapy,  phytochemistry, zoopharmacognosy, pharmcognosy-biotechnology, herbal interactions, and marine pharmacognosy. 

Medical Devices

New medical devices and inventions for healthcare are being introduced by various companies and scientific institutions day by day. The examples of different medical devices include body fluid-processing & circulation devices, clinical analytical instruments, dental equipments, ears, emergency & clinics apparatus, equipments of traditional Chinese medicine, eyes,  general assay & diagnostic apparatus, implants & interventional materials, medical consumables, medical cryogenic equipments, medical software, nose and throat surgical instruments, obstetrics & gynecology equipments, physical therapy equipments, sterilization equip and radiology equipments & accessories. The leading innovations and studies carried out by great scientists and innovators in last two centuries consist of polio vaccine, homeopathy, stethoscope, cure of hydrophobia, antiseptic treatment, circulation of blood, chloroform, cure of kala, streptomycin, isolation of metals by electricity, drugs as bactericides, insulin, cause of beri and treatment, ultra violet rays, penicillin, treatment of rabies, smallpox vaccination, discovery of vitamin D, and TB (tubercle bacillus) etc. Starting from simple vitamin tablets and wheelchairs to the making of advanced MRI machines and multipart artificial hearts, the list of medical devices and medical inventions remains endless due to the continued works and researches carried out the by the great individual researchers as well as leading innovative companies of the world. 

Health Care Products

Health care products are supposed to be hot selling items all over the world. Health care products are categorized into many categories such as anti-aging healthcare products, beauty products, body weight, e-cigarette, gastrointestinal healthcare products, healthcare supplement, healthcare supplies, house-service detector tester, immune & anti-fatigue, massager, memory & sleep healthcare products, optical healthcare products, regulation of blood system, rehabilitation therapy supplies, sex products, and stomach and liver healthcare products. Consumer healthcare products manufactured by Wyeth include Advil, Advil PM, Alavert, Anadin, Anbesol, Caltrate, Centrum, ChapStick, Dimetapp, Dristan, Preparation H, Robitussin, Today condoms and Z-bec. All medicines and drugs are regulated by respective authorities and healthcare departments in all countries. In U.K, name of their regulatory authority is MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency). Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and European Medicines Agency (EMA) are the other examples of health regulatory authorities. Run by United Nations (UN), World Health Organization (WHO) in an agency for coordinating authority that looks after the matter of international public health including their general healthcare. On 7th of April each year, World Health Organization (WHO) celebrates World Health Day all over the world. In 2007, WHO celebrated World Health Day by raising the slogan: “invest in health, build a safer future”. 


Drugs and medicines are classified into major classes such as analgesics, antipyretics, antibiotics, antimalarial drugs and antiseptics. Drugs are categorized into many subcategories which are anti-infective drugs, antiallergic drugs, antineoplastic agents, antiparasitic drugs, cardiovascular system drugs, central nervous system drugs, dermatological drugs, disinfection and corrosion, drugs for ear, endocrinium drugs, gastrointestinal agents, gynecological drugs, haematological systemic drugs, hepato-biliary-pancreatic drugs, immunomodulator drugs, interofective system drugs, mouth, narcotic and adjuvant drugs, nose and throat drugs, nutraceuticals, ophthalmic remedy and orthopedics drugs and remedies. Drugs are administered by various methods and ways. These drugs can be administered via bolus, inhaled, injected, insufflations, orally, rectally, sublingually, topically and vaginally. In order to treat diseases like different infections and infestations, physicians prescribe many drugs such antifungal, antituberculous drugs, antibiotics, antimalarials, antileprotics, anthelmintics, amoebicides, antivirals and antiprotozoals. Skin diseases are treated by using many drugs and medicines that include vitamin A derivatives, emollients, vitamin D analogues, topical antibiotics, keratolytics, antifungals, anti-pruritics, disinfectants, pediculicides, scabicides, systemic antibiotics, tar products, abrasives, hormones, fibrinolytics, exudate absorbents, desloughing agents, proteolytics, antiperspirants, sunscreens, and corticosteroids etc. Drugs and medicine like Atorvastatin, Clopidogrel, Enoxaparin, Celecoxib, Omeprazole, Esomeprazole, Fexofenadine, Quetiapine, Metoprolol, and Budesonide etc. are supposed to be the blockbuster drugs due to their wide and frequent usages all over the world.

Animal & Veterinary

The available products and services on the web mostly revolve around veterinary instrument and veterinary medicine. Technically speaking, veterinary science deals with all branches of medicine and medical sciences catering all healthcare needs of animals and animals' groups. These branches include anesthesiology, animal behavior, cardiology (including cardiothoracic surgery), dentistry, dermatology and dermatopathology, emergency medicine, epidemiology and public health, internal medicine, microbiology, neurology and neurologic surgery, nutrition, oncology, ophthalmology, parasitology, anatomic pathology and clinical pathology, radiology and radiation oncology, surgery, and theriogenology including zoological medicine as well. The major areas of veterinary practices are exotic animal veterinarian, conservation medicine, small animal practice, laboratory animal practice, large animal practice, equine medicine, food animal medicine, food safety practice, and wildlife medicine. Many pharmaceutical companies and healthcare organizations advertise their products and services on the web mostly through specific websites and business to business portals. The world of animal and veterinary sciences is quite extensive but still unexplored in many areas and lots of developments are being made in animal and veterinary sciences, especially in the modern world. In United States, many colleges and universities run their exclusive programs on veterinary sciences e.g. University of California, Auburn University, University of Georgia, Kansas State University, Michigan State University, North Carolina State University, Oklahoma State University, Tuskegee University, and University of Florida etc.